Drivers license for new beginners

​We have put together a special package that fits perfectly for those who want a full statutory package. 

The content for the compulsory package is detailed along with the price , that includes all the statutory hours to be ready for a driving test. With us there is no hidden fee in addition, everything can be read here. 

In the introduction class you will get all the information regarding taking the driving license in Denmark and the process.

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Driving package for new beginners:

​The compulsory driving package includes: 

- 29 Theoretical lessons

- 4 Lessons on closed track

- 16 Lessons on the road (16 x 45 min)

- 4 lessons on slippery road

​I total 51 lessons á 45 min

​WHAT IS THE price for a license?

Contact us for registration today !!

You are always welcome to contact your driving school on phone 61 67 32 58 or write to us Our driving students mainly come from the areas all around Kgs Lyngby and big Copenhagen area.​​

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